“Empty Manger” Christmas Caroling Draws Record Media Coverage—And Some Vile Comments from Our Opposition

Empty Manger CarolingIn addition to the media coverage we usually get for our “Empty Manger” Christmas caroling day from outlets like Christian Post, LifeNews.com, ChristianToday.com and many others, we’ve also received a lot of coverage from secular media this year.

Sites like the “independent” OpposingViews.com and liberal media sites like the Huffington Post and ThinkProgress.org have taken note of our press release in advance of Saturday’s event.

With more groups around the country taking part in California, Michigan, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Colorado, North Carolina and more, it makes sense that the press would take note of this touching event, especially with the headline of this year’s release: “Pro-Life Activists Plan Caroling Protest; Ask ‘Would Planned Parenthood Abort Jesus?'”

Christmas Caroling Is Hateful?

We’re very pleased to see the coverage, though less pleased with some of the vitriolic comments, especially on the the Huffington Post article. So many have been blinded by Planned Parenthood’s rhetoric that even an event as benign as Christmas caroling registers as “hateful”, even as they themselves cast actual words of hate at us! Here are a few examples tame enough to print here:

That last comment refers to our Executive Director, Eric Scheidler.

Feel free to add your comments in support of the caroling day and the pro-life cause on these sites, but be sure if you do to keep your comments respectful and full of Christian charity, even when—especially when—our opposition does not.

Though we don’t expect any trouble and all the caroling days so far this year have gone just fine, coverage like this has sometimes led to counter-demonstrations, so please pray that everything goes smoothly at all the events this Saturday.

And above all, pray that the message of Christmas hope will ring out in the hearts of abortion-bound women, leading them to choose life for their baby. After all, new life bringing hope into the world is what Christmas is all about!

And if you’d like to make a tax-deductible gift to support this kind of peaceful, prayerful, effective activism, you can contribute to the League on our secure donation page.

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