New Series of League graphics follows the Incarnation “from Annunciation to Nativity”

From Annunciation to NativityInspired by my recent reflections on the “Litany to Jesus in the Womb of Mary”—with its moving lines about how Christ’s “Precious Blood first flowed through tiny arteries and veins in the womb of Mary”—the Pro-Life Action League today launches a new series of graphics, entitled From Annunciation to Nativity.

Each of the entries in this occasional series, to run from today, the Feast of the Annunciation, until Christmas, will highlight a stage of development in utero as experienced by Jesus Christ during his nine months of life in the womb of his mother, Mary.

These, of course, are stages of life that we have all experienced—a period of particular vulnerability that Christ shared with us in taking on our humanity.

These are also the various stages at which human lives are snuffed out by abortion. Having lived as zygote, embryo and fetus, Jesus signals his special sympathy with these victims of cruelty and injustice.

May our reflection on Christ’s incarnation, from Annunciation to Nativity, lead us all to deeper sympathy with unborn children and inspire us to raise our voices in defense of their precious lives, each made according to the image of God.

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