Two Weeks Later: Why Hasn’t Rockford, IL Attacker Been Arrested?

Man who attacked Rockford pro-liferOn August 16, the man pictured to the right attacked pro-lifer Kevin Rilott while he was engaged in a “Face the Truth” Tour in Rockford, Illinois.

As you can see in the video below, the man and his companion went on a profanity-riddled tirade that would make a sailor blush before throwing Kevin’s sign and physically assaulting him.

Rockford police were provided with Kevin’s testimony, the license plate number of the car, and video of the incident documenting the man’s name and his crime. Kevin was told the case would be handed over to a detective, and they would be in contact with him.

As of today—nearly two weeks after the incident—Kevin has heard nothing from police.

With such evidence in their hands, why would the Rockford Police hesitate? What’s holding them back from making what seems to be an obvious arrest? They have all the information they could possibly need.

The League’s attorneys at the Thomas More Society are looking into the delay, but in the meantime, if you know the identity of the attacker or his female companion, please contact the Rockford Police Department immediately at 815-966-2900.

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