To Put Chastity Into Writing…

Putting something down in writing has somewhat of an “official” feel. Maybe it’s a flashback to my Business Law classes and contract requirements, but nevertheless, you are making concrete an abstract concept when you write it down. Whether dating or single, practicing chastity – not merely avoiding sex, but the internalization of thinking, living, and loving in a proper manner – will build you up as a person. So, since I am here to make your life easier, you should make a concrete list of reasons practicing chastity is so worth it. For example: 1.) Unchastity becomes boring. 2.) You promised [accountability partner] you would avoid sin. 3.) As a Christian, you are held to a higher standard. 4.) You won’t carry that deep dark secret. 5.) You will be worthy of your future husband or wife. 6.) Practicing chastity is a rejection of Satan. 7.) Your boyfriend/girlfriend deserves your respect. 8.) Your wedding night will be so much more awesome. 9.) Unchastity chases out love. 10.) You won’t let anyone down by your actions. 11.) You will be able to be that example for your children. 12.) You are waiting for the real thing. 13.) Unchastity will enslave you to your passions 14.) Regret isn’t one of your life goals. 15.) Virtue is incredibly attractive. 16.) You deserve the utmost respect. 17.) You’re being a rebel in the eyes of the world. 18.) Slavery to sin only makes one miserable. 19.) Chastity is not so much a series of “no’s”, but a “yes” to the real thing. 20.) Sex before marriage is merely a counterfeit of love. 21.) Anticipation makes anything so much better 22.) You don’t want your white wedding dress to be a lie. 23.) Unchastity makes any break up that much more painful. 24.) You will never be lacking respect. 25.) You will have a healthy view of your relationship, not one clouded by emotions. Feel free to add more points in the comments! “When you decide firmly to lead a clean life, chastity will not be a burden on you: it will be a crown of triumph.” – St. Josemaria Escriva

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