Planned Parenthood “Celebrates” the Story of Tim Tebow?

Cecile RichardsPlanned Parenthood President Cecile Richards had a laugher of a letter to the editor in the New York Times this week in which she wrote:

In “He’s a Quarterback, He’s a Winner, He’s a TV Draw, He’s a Verb” (This Land column, front page, Jan. 14), Dan Barry writes about a 2010 Super Bowl commercial telling how Tim Tebow’s mother decided not to end a life-threatening pregnancy and he adds, “There was no tebowing that week in the halls of Planned Parenthood.”

That suggests that Planned Parenthood does not celebrate birth or a remarkable story like Mr. Tebow’s. In fact, the Tebow story exemplifies the health care environment that Planned Parenthood promotes — a world in which women and families are supported in the medical decisions they make for themselves and their families without government interference. [emphasis added]

Seriously?  Cecile Richards actually wants you to believe that Planned Parenthood celebrates “a remarkable story like Mr. Tebow’s”?  And that “the Tebow story exemplifies the health care environment that Planned Parenthood promotes”?

Maybe in Bizarro World that’s true, but not in the real world.

Planned Parenthood: One Adoption Referral for Every 392 Abortions

According to their own most recent annual report covering 2009-2010, Planned Parenthood’s total number of prenatal services amounted to 31,098 — a decrease of 23% from the previous year.  And their abortion numbers?  329,445: a figure more than 10 times higher.

Planned Parenthood also made 841 adoption referrals in 2009-2010, which means that for every adoption referral, they committed 392 abortions.  That’s the so-called “health care environment” that Planned Parenthood really promotes.

But back to Tim Tebow’s 2010 Super Bowl commercial: has Cecile Richards forgotten, or does she merely expect the rest of us to forget, that the president of one of her own organization’s affiliates — Planned Parenthood of Collier County, Florida — produced a video (see left) decrying the commercial before the 2010 Super Bowl?

Sorry, Cecile, but nobody believes you when you say Planned Parenthood “celebrates” Tim Tebow’s remarkable story. We know from your own statistics and your own employees that you don’t.

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