Sixth Year of Protest at Planned Parenthood Aurora Begins

It was six years ago on August 25, 2007 that the first protest was held at the site of Planned Parenthood’s massive abortion facility in Aurora, Illinois. Pro-lifers had already been praying at the site for weeks, beginning shortly after it was learned the building—represented to city officials as a multi-use medical office—would house one of the largest abortion clinics in the country. A protest has been held on the third Saturday of every month since Planned Parenthood opened their doors in Aurora later that fall. This past Saturday, August 18, the sixth year of of these protests began with a great turnout. These protests will continue until Planned Parenthood shuts its doors in Aurora for good. Joining us this month was Lynda Weis, and Aurora resident and amateur photographer, who took some great shots of the protest:

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