League Slashes Prices on Pro-Life Protest Signs—Get Yours Today!

protest signsThree months into 2012, it’s clear that this is shaping up to be one of the hottest years for pro-life activism in a long time.

First there was the March for Life on January 23, which, despite a steady rain, many people reported was the biggest ever.

And with the overwhelming success of the Nationwide Rally for Religious Freedom on March 23—which brought out over 63,000 people in 143 cities to protest the Obama Administration’s HHS Mandate—there’s no doubt that pro-life activists are fired up and ready to go to work.

Professional Quality Protest Signs at Half Their Previous Price!

In response to this tremendous upswing in pro-life activism, we’ve drastically reduced the prices of our handheld protest signs that are suitable for demonstrating against abortion in any city or town, large or small.

We have four signs available (see above, right) with the messages Stop Abortion Now, Moms for Life, Dads for Life, and Planned Parenthood Lies to You, all made of sturdy coroplast. And because we want to get them in your hands—and you outside your local abortion facility—we’ve cut prices by more than 50%.

Starting today, we’ve slashed our prices to $12 for four signs, $15 for five signs, and $25 for ten signs. That’s as low as $2.50 per sign—less than we paid to have them printed!

You can order your signs here.

You’ve probably heard the saying, “All politics is local.” Well, that which is true of politics is also true of of pro-life activism.

If you’re not protesting abortion in your local community, who will?

Order your protest signs today!

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