Stand Up Rally Signs Here, There, and Everywhere

One of the great things about the media coverage of the March 23 Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rally was seeing the same signs held by rally participants nationwide.

For that rally, we shipped 4,000 signs to rally captains in well over 100 cities, because we knew the signs were essential to keeping our message simple and conveying it in an unmistakably clear way: We are for religious freedom, and we are against the HHS Mandate.

This time around, we’ve upped the ante considerably. In preparation for the June 8 Stand Up Rally, we had 30,000 signs printed.

We started shipping signs last week, and as new cities have come on board just in the past few days, we’ve been packing them up and shipping them out as fast as we can.

So if you’re wondering, “Where can I get a sign?” we have an answer: At the Stand Up Rally location nearest you on Friday, June 8.

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