Did Savita Halappananvar Even Request an Abortion?

Since the tragic death of Savita Halappananvar and her unborn child in Ireland on October 28, pro-abortion forces have been using her case to further their cause.

They claim the story as reported so far—that Savita repeatedly requested an abortion that would have saved her life, but was denied the procedure because “Ireland is a Catholic country”—is evidence that the country should loosen its abortion laws.

But new evidence has come to light that indicates that that narrative of what happened to Savita is simply not verifiable.

Crucial Detail Omitted from Story

Irish reporter Marc Coleman recently interviewed Kitty Holland, the Irish Times journalist who broke the story of Savita Halappananvar’s tragic death. Holland now says that the story may be “muddled” and that it may be found that there was “no request for a termination”.

Holland’s original article for The Observer included the sentence, “The fact that Savita had been refused a termination was a factor in her death has yet to be established.” For some reason, Holland left this sentence out when the story exploded internationally, implying that she was, in fact, denied an abortion.

She went on to say that she was only relying on the recollections of Savita’s husband, which she now admits “may be a bit muddled.”

Abortion Forces Take Full Advantage

This story has raged on for weeks now, pro-abortion forces have exploited it for everything it’s worth, and thousands have marched and protested in Ireland, England, Germany and elsewhere, all on the premise of a story that might not be true, based on “muddled” recollections and no medical records whatsoever.

The pro-choice lobby ought to be ashamed of their disingenuous exploitation of Savita’s story and her family’s tragic loss, and they ought to recant their prior calls to action and stay quiet unless or until the full story come to light.

But they’re not. Cries are still going up for Ireland to liberalize its abortion laws even though many Irish doctors are on record saying that the abortion laws are not the problem and that an abortion would very likely not have saved Savita’s life.

Expose the Truth

We will continue to monitor the story as events unfold. In the meantime, use every channel at your disposal to get the truth out there about Savita’s story. Her memory deserves the truth.

Listen to the full interview with Kitty Holland here starting at about 33 minutes in.

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