Pro-Choice Reporter Admits Power of Pro-Life Conversion Stories

Kellee Terrell

Pro-choice blogger Kellee Terrell

An article appeared this week in the left-wing online magazine Religion Dispatches about the Pro-Life Action League’s September 22 conference, “CONVERTED: From Abortion Providers to Pro-Life Activists.”

Under the title “Was Blind But Now I See: The Debut of a New Anti-Abortion Strategy,” writer Kellee Terrell, a self-described “pro-choice Christian,” wrote about her experience attending the conference. It was gratifying to learn that the League’s conference featuring 8 former abortion providers had attracted the attention of the pro-choice movement.

As you might expect, Terrell adopts a mocking tone about the conference and attempts to dismiss the moving stories presented there. But aside from attacking the credibility of Abby Johnson, who spoke during lunch, she offers very little in the way of specific criticisms of speakers’ stories.

This is ironic in light of her complaint that they offered their exposés of disturbing abortion industry practices “without evidence.”

Of course, these former abortion providers’ insider stories are evidence—eyewitness testimony, the most important kind of evidence there is.

One wonders what other sort of evidence Terrell imagines there might be to prove “that clinics create more business by pressuring young girls into getting same-day abortions; or that standards are so lax that workers with no medical training are dragooned into assisting in abortions.” These are the sort of things you’d find documented, which is why it’s so important to heed whistleblowers like those who spoke at CONVERTED.

Perhaps Terrell found it difficult to debunk our speakers in detail because, despite herself, she found their stories compelling. She even admits, “Although many of the stories were flatly ludicrous, the power of the conversion narrative, dating back as it does to the [Norma McCorvey] ‘Roe’ conversion, is undeniable.”

Terrell also highlights how pro-lifers are reaching out to those working in the abortion industry and trying to win them over. It’s encouraging to see a pro-choice writer backing away from the typical propaganda about pro-lifers being violent.

Terrell appears to be unsettled by what she describes the “new anti-abortion strategy” of sharing the kind of conversion stories heard at the League’s conference. She should be. If even she has to admit that “the stories were moving,” imagine what impact they’ll have on those less fully committed to the pro-choice position.

We’ll soon find out. The League will be rolling out videos and podcasts of the CONVERTED conference next year, in connection with the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Stay tuned!

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