Home for Teen Moms Makes Headlines

Residents of MHFVA local maternity home the League has supported made the Aurora Beacon News today with its stories of hope for pregnant teens.

Maternity Homes of the Fox Valley (MHFV) opened their doors in Aurora, Illinois last September and the League was there because the project was in part a response to the League’s epic battle with Planned Parenthood over their deceptive entry into Aurora with the first of their abortion “mega-mills”.

Since then, MHFV have been making it easier for teen moms in bad situations to choose life for their babies and we’ve been privileged to partner with them.

It’s great to see MHFV getting the recognition they deserve for their work. Here’s hoping the operation continues to provide hope and alternatives for years to com. Check out their website for more details about their unique method for helping girls in need.

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