Abortion Is Perfectly Safe, Says Planned Parenthood

Women holding "Planned Parenthood Lies to You" signsTake a look at the signs pictured to the right.

They have a very short, simple message:

Planned Parenthood LIES to you.

Not only does Planned Parenthood lie about when human life begins, but also, among numerous other things, about the physical dangers abortion poses to women.

The newest video from Lila Rose and Live Action, just released yesterday, reveals this in spades.

You’ll notice that the video contains the recordings of several 911 calls from Planned Parenthood facilities reporting medical emergencies.

But notice also that there is no audio of a call to 911 from Planned Parenthood’s Loop Health Center in Chicago—where Tonya Reaves died after having an abortion on July 20.

That’s because Planned Parenthood never called 911 to get help for Tonya.

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