Victory for Pro-Life Activists in Jacksonville

When a group of pro-life activists in Jacksonville, North Carolina applied for a permit to picket outside the Crist Clinic for Women abortion facility, the police denied their request.

Their rationale: the public property outside the abortion facility didn’t have sidewalks, and in the police department’s estimation, it was unsafe for public gatherings.

The pro-lifers found this an unacceptable violation of their First Amendment rights of freedom of assembly and freedom of speech, and so they elicited the help of our attorneys at the Thomas More Society Pro-Life Law Center, and they sued.

This week, U.S. District Judge Terrence Boyle ruled in their favor.

As a result, the City of Jacksonville will be required to change its local public assembly ordinance, which, incredibly, requires a police permit for protests involving as few as three (3) people.

Kudos to the pro-life activists in Jacksonville for suing the city over this patently unconstitutional protest ordinance! Their local victory is a victory for pro-life activists all across America.

If you are a pro-life activist and have had your First Amendment rights stifled by similarly constricting ordinances, do as your fellow pro-lifers in Jacksonville did and contact the Thomas More Society.

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