Planned Parenthood Caught Promoting Sex-Selective Abortion

In the rapidly growing catalogue of Planned Parenthood scandals, thanks in great part to the ingenuity and persistence of Live Action President Lila Rose, the latest black mark is Planned Parenthood’s willingness to perform sex-selective abortions.

Live Action has discovered that Planned Parenthood will help a pregnant women who wants a boy, for instance, to get an ultrasound, and if she finds out the baby is a girl, they’re perfectly willing to abort the baby merely for being the “wrong” sex.

Added to Planned Parenthood’s willingness to cover up the sexual abuse of minor girls, arrange abortions for underage prostitutes, and accept donations specifically for aborting black babies, they now add sex-selective abortions.

What will Lila Rose discover next?

If you can’t believe it’s true, watch Live Action’s latest video, just released today.

No matter that late term abortions are a greater threat to women than early ones, in the video, Planned Parenthood counsels the woman that she can abort up to 23 weeks, since it will take some time for the sex of the baby to be determined.

The counselor also advises the woman to apply for Medicaid to pay for both the ultrasound to reveal the baby’s sex, and also to pay for the abortion.

Lila Rose says that the worldwide pandemic of aborting baby girls has now come to America, and that Planned Parenthood is a “willing participant” in this practice of gendercide. Rose also calls Planned Parenthood’s abortion-first mentality the real “war on women.”

Watch Live Action’s latest video below:

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