Face the Truth Tour Presents ‘Memorable Display’

Chicago—American communities celebrate Independence Day with memorable fireworks displays. This week and next week, communities across the Chicago area will host another type of memorable display as the Pro-Life Action League’s Face the Truth tour hits the streets with pictures representing the nearly 4,000 children whose lives are legally terminated through abortion every day.
Pro-life witnesses will line the roads at selected locations through the month of July, displaying pictures of beautiful babies juxtaposed with huge graphic photographs of aborted babies, visually exposing the tragedy of their tiny broken bodies.
This controversial tactic has always generated some level of offended opposition, but it is not easy to forget. The reality is that if people see the horrible truth of abortion it makes them uncomfortable and upset, and they are more likely to do something to try and prevent it.
Eric Scheidler, executive director of the Pro-Life Action League, reports that past Face the Truth tours have generated immediate positive results. “We’ve had women come to us and thank us,” he explained. “With their abortions already scheduled, they saw our pictures and it changed their hearts.” And that’s why the Pro-Life Action League will continue to organize this important public education campaign.
Participants in the Summer 2012 Face the Truth tour will share their life-saving message in Joliet and Shorewood on Friday, July 6. On Saturday, July 7, the Face the Truth tour heads north to Lincolnwood, Evanston, and Niles. Westchester, Westmont, and Wheaton will host the lifesaving displays on Monday, July 9. On Tuesday, July 10, the Pro-Life Action League and friends will take the message to the northwest suburban streets of Lake Zurich, Palatine, and Arlington Heights. Downtown Chicago will get a dose of graphic reality on Wednesday, July 11, and Thursday, July 12. Chicago’s south side welcomes the tour on Friday, July 13, and the summer witness wraps up on the DuPage and Kane County borders with Saturday, July 14, stops in Aurora and Naperville. Time and location details for the Summer 2012 Face the Truth tour are available here.
Learn more about the Face the Truth public education initiative and the life-affirming work of the Pro-Life Action League here.

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