The Leadership Institute Honors the League’s Development Director

Everybody loves a win-win situation. Both sides reap benefits, and everyone’s happy.

The Pro-Life Action League recently had such good fortune, as I had the honor of being named “Graduate of the Week” by the Leadership Institute (LI) and featured on their homepage this week of May 29 through June 4.

The Leadership Institute hosts an array of onsite trainings to equip activists and future leaders with best practices and knowledge to bring to their work in the conservative movement, and I was recognized with this honor after attending a series of highly useful development courses at the LI office in Arlington, Virginia in recent months.

I attended the Leadership Institute’s courses on High Dollar Fundraising, Online Fundraising, and Beginning and Advanced Direct Mail – and actively engaged in these powerful training sessions to become an even more savvy steward of the valuable resources entrusted to the Pro-Life Action League by our generous supporters.

Apparently, The Leadership Institute was impressed by my willingness to ask thoughtful questions, talk to the speakers personally, and interact with the other trainees representing political campaigns, nonprofits, and religious groups.

My goal was to come away from the trainings with knowledge of the best ways to get the most impact for the pro-life cause to make your investments go the furthest toward saving babies, all for the least expense and overhead.

When I started as the Development Director at the League in January, League Directors Joe, Ann, and Eric Scheidler saw fit to send me to these insightful trainings to gain valuable expertise and exposure.

Several years ago, Ann and Eric, as well fellow League staffers Matt Yonke and John Jansen, attended other LI courses and learned many practices they continue to use to this day.

The “win-win” is that my Pro-Life Action League colleagues and I have learned so much from the knowledge shared by the Leadership Institute that their trainings are having ripple effects, even helping to save more babies and spread the League’s life-saving impact that much further by learning how to best steward your investment.

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