Help the Media Get the Stand Up Rally Story Straight

ABC news storyLast Friday’s Stand Up for Religious Freedom rallies were a rousing success with tens of thousands of Americans from coast to coast taking to the streets to defend our cherished liberties.

News coverage of the event was widespread with hundreds of stories in local and national publications in nearly every market where a Rally was held.

But despite the coverage being very broad, it lacked something in the way of depth and all of us who attended Friday’s Rallies need to set the record straight. Some common errors popping up in many stories included:

  • Calling the effort an “anti-contraception” rally
  • Stating that President Obama’s “accommodation” did away with the problem
  • Underestimating Rally attendance
  • Characterizing the event as a “religious rally”

ABC TV covered the Rally here in Chicago and committed every one of these errors, so I got in the comment section and told them so!

If you attended a Rally on Friday and saw inaccurate coverage, take some steps to set the record straight. You can leave comments on online stories, write a letter to the editor and share the story on Facebook and ask your friends to chime in on the comments as well.

We’ve even created a document called HHS Mandate Q and A [PDF] to help make it easier to discuss the Mandate—especially slippery issues like President Obama’s “accommodation”. Use the information in the Q and A or link directly to it in your comments.

The media doesn’t have to get the last word. After the Rally in March, Rally attendees in Rockford, Illinois waged a huge campaign and got their local newspaper to correct inaccurate coverage change—and it worked! So let’s get busy letting people know the truth about this movement, the Mandate and the success of Friday’s Rallies.

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