League to Host Conference Featuring Former Abortion Providers

CONVERTEDIt’s been 25 years since the Pro-Life Action League hosted its first “Meet the Abortion Providers” Conference in November, 1987.

This groundbreaking event featured doctors, nurses and administrators who left the abortion industry to become spokespersons for life.

The League held five subsequent conferences between 1989-1995, and from the powerful testimonies given at these events, we created two powerful video presentations, Meet the Abortion Providers and Abortion: The Inside Story.

Now it is time to hear from another group of abortion clinic workers who have discovered the truth about abortion and walked away from their jobs and careers in the abortion business.

RegisterThe Pro-Life Action League invites you to join us September 22 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Rosemont, Illinois for our conference, CONVERTED: From Abortion Provider to Pro-Life Activist.

You will hear from seven powerful speakers for life—people who once were convinced that they were providing a legitimate “service” to women and to society as they offered their patients abortion or in-vitro fertilization. All of them have since had profound conversion experiences that have led them to become outspoken pro-life advocates.

Conference Speakers to Share an Insider’s View of the Culture of Death

Seven dynamic speakers will be sharing their amazing stories at the September 22 “CONVERTED” conference:

Abby JohnsonAbby Johnson—During her eight years with Planned Parenthood, Abby Johnson quickly rose in the organization’s ranks and became a clinic director.

On September 26, 2009 Abby was asked to assist with an ultrasound-guided abortion. She watched in horror as a baby 13 weeks from conception fought, and ultimately lost, its life at the hands of an abortionist. At that moment, Abby fully realized what abortion was, and a dramatic transformation took place.

Abby’s story is told in her book, UnPlanned, and she has recently launched a new ministry, And Then There Were None, to reach out to abortion clinic workers and convince them to have a change of heart.

Dr. John BruchalskiDr. John Bruchalski—A former abortionist during his medical residency, Dr. Bruchalski founded the Tepeyac Family Center in Fairfax, Virginia in 1994, with the mission of establishing an obstetrical and gynecological facility that combines the best of modern medicine with the healing presence of Jesus Christ—providing affordable healthcare to women, especially those experiencing untimely pregnancies.

In 2000, Dr. Bruchalski founded Divine Mercy Care, which currently operates as the first Catholic healthcare facility in the Diocese of Arlington.

Sue ThayerSue Thayer worked for 17 years as the manager of the Planned Parenthood clinic in Storm Lake, Iowa. She was fired in December 2008 when she expressed serious concerns over the facility’s plans to introduce “telemed” abortions.

Sue has gone on to become a strong voice for life and has been instrumental in educating the public about the tragedy of abortion, and specifically telemed abortion. Sue led Storm Lake’s first ever 40 Days for Life campaign outside the very Planned Parenthood clinic she supervised for so many years—which soon after closed its doors forever.

Catherine AdairCatherine Adair began working for Planned Parenthood of Massachusetts in 1997 at the largest abortion clinic in New England. There she witnessed thousands of abortions, doing everything from counseling to assisting in the abortion procedure rooms.

After seeing the aftermath of a second-trimester abortion, she was forever changed. Her personal experience with abortion at age 19 and time working at Planned Parenthood changed her from a pro-choice feminist to a pro-life activist. Her personal experience is one of hope and of healing, and she credits God, with His infinite mercy and forgiveness, for giving her the strength to share her story.

Ruth YorstonRuth Yorston grew up in a strongly “pro-choice” family and worked side-by-side with her mother at the Ft. Wayne Women’s Health Organization abortion clinic in Ft. Wayne, IN.

She came to faith in Jesus Christ when she was 19 years old. Ruth attended a church that certainly would have considered itself to be pro-life, but did not speak or teach on the subject. Never hearing in church that abortion was wrong, Ruth was active in her church, even teaching children’s Sunday School, when she took the part time job at the abortion clinic.

It wasn’t until almost a year later that a friend lovingly challenged her thoughts on abortion and shared with her the truth that life begins at conception. She quit the job at Ft. Wayne Women’s Health Organization the following week.

Ruth now serves as the executive director of Greater Columbus (Ohio) Right to Life.

Linda CouriLinda Couri—After having an abortion while in her early 20s, Linda Couri became involved in pro-abortion political activism, eventually working as a counselor at Planned Parenthood in Champaign, Illinois.

Becoming increasingly conflicted about the morality of abortion, Couri slowly returned to the Catholic faith. Following a psychological breakdown, she turned to the post-abortion outreach Project Rachel for help.

Her profound conversion led to a desire to work within the Church. She currently serves as the Director of Lay Ministry Formation for the Archdiocese of Chicago.

Dr. Anthony CarusoDr. Anthony Caruso—As a well-respected reproductive endocrinologist, Dr. Caruso worked in the Chicago area  in the field of in-vitro fertilization (IVF) for 15 years.

As Dr. Caruso came to realize that the lives of the human embryos destroyed during in-vitro fertilization are just as valuable as the life of every other human being, he began to reconsider his line of work, and he gradually became more and more uncomfortable with IVF.

in 2010, he left the field entirely.

Dr. Anthony Levatino will serve as Master of Ceremonies for the conference.

As a former abortionist himself, Dr. Levatino spoke at the Pro-Life Action League’s very first “Meet the Abortion Providers” conference in 1987, and has been a friend of the League ever since.

Dr. Levatino currently has an Ob/Gyn practice in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Register to attend the “CONVERTED” Conference Today

Registration for the “CONVERTED” conference is now open.  If you register before September 13, the cost for this all-day conference is only $50! You can register here.

The conference flyer is available here [PDF].

We are happy to announce that the presentations given at the “CONVERTED” conference will be video recorded by LCE Media, and will be available for purchase thereafter.

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