Notorious Abortion Clinic in Rockford, IL Closed for Good

Sign at NIWC

Sign posted at Rockford’s NIWC abortion mill before its license was suspended on Sept. 30, 2011. NIWC is now closed for good. [Photo via Pro-Life Corner]

The notorious Northern Illinois Women’s Center in Rockford just became the first abortion clinic in the U.S. to shut down in 2012.

A Rockford Register Star article posted just this afternoon confirmed that NIWC’s management has decided not to reopen after having its license suspended by the State of Illinois for over three months due to serious health violations.

Why did NIWC decide not to reopen? The article explains:

The clinic’s decision is based on a lack of support from the community, the political climate surrounding the abortion issue both locally and nationally and the challenge the clinic would face in rebuilding staff, the director said.

Take a look at these reasons again:

(1) A lack of support from the community. It’s not hard to see why the good people of Rockford want nothing to do with NIWC. A creepy looking place that doesn’t sterilize their instruments and has bizarre window displays featuring signs of Jesus giving the middle finger and saying, “Even Jesus hates you” isn’t the sort of place anyone would want in their backyard.

(2) The political climate surrounding the abortion issue both locally and nationally. That’s another way of saying that abortion isn’t very popular right now, and nobody is willing to go to bat for it: not in Rockford, Illinois, or anywhere else. This in itself speaks volumes.

(3) The challenge the clinic would face in rebuilding staff. For anyone who has followed the saga of NIWC, this will surprise exactly no one. The last two nurses they had each worked there less than three months. Just as nobody wants NIWC in their backyard, nobody wants to work there either.

A Victory for Pro-Life Activism

The closing of NIWC is a victory for unborn babies, it’s a victory for women, and it’s a victory for the stalwart pro-life activists of Rockford who made it happen.

For years, a committed group of faithful pro-life activists have prayed and sidewalk counseled outside NIWC every day abortions were done, and they have extensively documented and publicized all of the bizarre and macabre happenings there.

It’s precisely because of these pro-life activists’ tireless efforts that NIWC no longer has any “support” left in Rockford, and why no potential employee would want to set foot inside.

It’s also because of the investigative work of pro-life activists working with the Pro-Life Action League who submitted Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests regarding NIWC and subsequently filed complaints with the Illinois Department of Public Health that NIWC’s license was suspended in the first place.

Any day an abortion clinic closes is a great day, and this is a very great day indeed. God willing, Northern Illinois Women’s Center will be the first of many abortion clinics to shut down in 2012.

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