A Merry Pro-Life Christmas

Despite our grief over the slaughter of innocent children in Newtown, Connecticut, despite the re-election of the most pro-abortion administration in our country’s history, and despite the dark economic outlook, what keeps us full of hope and prevents despair is that a baby was born two-thousand years ago, and that this baby is mankind’s Savior.

Many of us recognize with no shade of doubt that this birth is the central event in history – that Christmas celebrates the birth of mankind’s one and only hope for future happiness. Many others see it as just another day off.

But those who don’t know the meaning of this feast will sooner or later discover it. Each of us eventually comes to realize that this birthday determines where we will spend eternity – those who celebrate it, those who ignore it, those who mock it. Everyone will come to know its meaning.

The birth of Christ is God’s eternal plan, and it is what our lives are all about. How we accept or reject Christ is all that really matters in our life. Nothing else is really that important.

Being close to this Child, staying with Him while spreading His message, is our life’s work. Christmas helps us do that. Whatever else we do in comparison is just killing time, and there is too little time to waste any of it.

Ann and I attended the Christmas Concert at Orchestra Hall again this year, and as always, the program couldn’t help but honor Jesus.

They called him “Wonderful, the Prince of Peace, the Mighty Father. The entire audience stood to sing “Alleluia” to this Child born in poverty–but born to save everyone in that crowd.

The fact is that spending eternity with this Child is our ultimate goal–yours and mine. This will be the complete fulfillment of our life. Not spending eternity with Him is utter defeat, a life wasted. Those who don’t know this have missed the whole plot. They never learned what Christmas is all about.

But you and I know the plan, and we are called to spread the good news, the gospel, day in and day out.

Because when the Christmas Child grew up He told His disciples, “Go and teach.” We are those disciples, and those are our marching orders. So let’s do it.

Merry Christmas!

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