Rally for Religious Freedom Needed Now More than Ever

Stand Up for Religious FreedomYesterday, the U.S. Senate had the opportunity to pass the Blunt Amendment, which would have rolled back the Obama administration’s HHS mandate that all employer health plans provide free contraceptives, sterilizations, and abortion-inducing drugs.

The Blunt Amendment would have protected the religious freedom of churches and other institutions from being forced to provide insurance coverage for “services” that violate their moral beliefs.

In other words, it would have restored what was, up until a few weeks ago, the status quo.

Yet the Senate voted down the Blunt Amendment 51-48.  In so doing, the Legislative Branch of our federal government upheld the Executive Branch’s grievous assault on religious freedom.

We the People Need to Stand Up for Religious Freedom

As important as it was for pro-life Americans to email and call their senators to encourage them to support the Blunt Amendment, it was not enough to stop the HHS Mandate.

This means the Nationwide Rally for Religious Freedom is now more urgently needed than ever.

It’s our turn now. We the People must stand up for religious freedom on March 23 and demand that Obama rescind the HHS Mandate.

Now is the time for us to exercise our First Amendment guaranteed freedom of assembly to protest the HHS Mandate’s assault on our First Amendment guaranteed freedom of religion.

Over 60 cities and towns across America have signed on be a part of the Nationwide Rally for Religious Freedom at noon on Friday, March 23.

Find a Rally site near you here.

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