Prayer Vigil Celebrates Effort to Keep Planned Parenthood Out

At prayer vigil in Auburn Hills, MI, July 28 (from left): Doug Ritter, PLAL National Director Joe Scheidler, Monica Miller, Judy Parran, and Lynn Mills

Eleven months ago, 400 pro-life activists gathered in front of an empty building in Auburn Hills, Michigan to protest Planned Parenthood’s plan to use the building for an abortion clinic. Meanwhile, pleadings with the owners of the property resulted in a judgment that the building would not go to Planned Parenthood. This called for a celebration.

On Saturday July 28, I joined a party at the Comfort Inn, whose owners cooperated in keeping the abortion clinic out of the neighborhood.

Monica Miller, who led in the effort to frustrate Planned Parenthood efforts to obtain the site, held a victory rally in front of the empty building. I was one of twelve speakers at the rally, at which there was singing and several sermons. We also witnessed a surprise appearance of a score of the Crusaders for Life, with their trademark yellow “LIFE” balloons.

Among the speakers were David Theisen of Real Estate for Life, who discovered a document that helped keep the clinic from buying the building, and Rebecca Kiessling, whose personal story is told in Conceived in Rape: From Worthless to Priceless.

I gave the closing talk in which I pointed out the interesting coincidence of two pro-life events with the same theme. Monica’s new book, Abandoned, will be published in September — but which is now available for pre-order at a 35% discount — and we were simultaneously celebrating a building just abandoned by Planned Parenthood.

Both are pro-life victories, I said, and each points to the success of Monica’s style of pro-life activism. Monica’s book is cited by Dinesh D’Souza as “…the best book ever written on abortion.”

I have read it and agree that it is a wonderful story of the activist movement, and very possibly the best book on pro-life activism. But, I joked, my own upcoming book, Sorry I Missed You, has yet to be published.

The rally ended with the crowd singing the Our Father.

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