Yet Another Ambulance at Yet Another Abortion Clinic

Ambulance at Planned Parenthood in Aurora, ILSadly, we bring you another in the long string of ambulances at abortion clinics this year.

This incident took place at Planned Parenthood in Aurora, Illinois. I’ll let sidewalk counselor Joe B. tell the story in his own words:

On Saturday October 13, 2012, while sidewalk counseling, I and several others observed an Aurora Fire Department ambulance arrive with its emergency lights on at about 12:50 pm at Planned Parenthood 3051 E. New York Avenue.

Right behind it were three Aurora police cruisers. It looked like the ambulance was going back around the employee parking lot, so I walked along Oakhurst passed the row of bushes to see what I could seen and I observed the ambulance had parked on the south side of the abortion clinic, and after a few minutes it appeared to me that someone, I think an African-American female walked into the ambulance under her own power.

While it is quite a distance from where I was standing near the sidewalk of Oakhurst, but this person was walking very slowly. Two police cruisers left, and then the ambulance left without its emergency lights on. The third police cruiser was the last to leave.

One of my parishioners took several pictures of the ambulance from the Oakhurst vantage point and as the ambulance was leaving from the field acroos the road where we normally stand to pray.

While it’s difficult to be certain what prompted Planned Parenthood to call the ambulance from this account, I thought it was worth passing along in the event you wanted to investigate this matter further. One thing we do know is that something happened behind the four walls of the abortion clinic that its staff did not feel they could handle.

At the time we prayed that if it was a mother that she wasn’t seriously injured, and perhaps the outcome of that emergency call was the result of answsered prayers.

The League has filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to find out more about what went wrong inside Planned Parenthood last Saturday so we can warn women of the dangers that face them inside, including the possibility of grave injury and untimely death.

We’ll post any findings we uncover right here.

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