Shoddy Alabama Abortion Clinic to Close

Nothing gives the lie to the notion of “safe and legal abortion” than the sight of an ambulance at an abortion clinic.

But what’s even worse for an abortion clinic than a day when they have to call an ambulance is a day when they have to call an ambulance twice.

That’s exactly what happened at the New Woman All Women abortion clinic in Birgmingham, Alabama earlier this year, when two women — victims of botched abortions — had to be carried out the door because the facility did not have gurney access.

In response to a complaint stemming from the incident, the Alabama Department of Public Health issued a scathing report documenting New Woman All Women’s numerous violations, including:

  • Regular practice of non-licensed employees performing procedures that require a licensed nurse or doctor.
  • Use of equipment with inspection dates from 2007 or no inspection date at all.
  • Inexperienced employees working independently with no documentation of training, which directly resulted in the hospitalization of two patients on January 21, 2012.
  • Failure to keep accurate, complete medical records for patients. The state survey team found ultrasound photos dated days after procedures, numerous charts signed by an off-duty nurse, inconsistent time logs, and purposefully altered records.

New Woman All Women must surrender its license by May 18, but a coalition of national pro-life leaders, including Eric Scheidler, executive director of the Pro-Life Action League, are calling on the State of Alabama to close it immediately.

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