Joe Scheidler on Abandoned: The Untold Story of the Abortion Wars

AbandonedThe Pro-Life Activist Movement has just been handed a new and powerful weapon for use in fighting for the rights of the unborn. This weapon is a book.

But it’s not just another book on pro-life activism.

This is a true block-buster by one of the most dedicated pro-lifer activists in the country, Monica Migliorino Miller. The book is
called Abandoned, the Untold Story of the Abortion Wars.

It is much more than a story of one person’s long fight against the evil of abortion. It is in a unique look into a warrior’s heart, and in a most graphic way becomes a portrayal of what abortion does to an innocent person, while it digs into the very marrow of the abortion mentality.

You can’t read “Abandoned” without living Miller’s experiences with her, and many of her experiences are ultra-traumatic. She helps uncover thousands of aborted babies, photographs them, and arranges for magnificent funerals to bury them in cemeteries all across the country—things most of us would shrink away from and things that have left an indelible mark on her.

She faces hostile crowds, leads hundreds to the abortion mills and to the abortionist’s home. She faces hostile judges and spends time in
prison. She introduces you to the sad, abandoned people she meets in her battles and counsels prostitutes and drug addicts out of abortion. Monica is always on the lookout for new ways to stop the evil intent on annihilating our posterity.

Jill Stanek calls “Abandoned” a kind of shocking immersion into the depths of the American battle over abortion . . . an important historical moment that reveals at once the commitment, the fears, the frustration and the hope of those who oppose abortion and the darkest truth about the practice of abortion itself. Dinesh D’souza calls Monica’s book simply “…the best book ever written on abortion.” He’s probably right. It’s certainly the best I’ve read.

As Monica takes you with her in her battles from Chicago to Milwaukee and across the country, you discover a soldier who never calls a truce or takes a serious time-out, and is only truly happy in the heat of battle. I can assure anyone with the guts to read “Abandoned” that they will come face to face with the solution to winning this abortion war, when they face the little nine-year-old girl named Monica, who made a pledge never to harm a living being, and who has kept that pledge with a vengeance.

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