Former Abortion Providers Conference One Month from Today

CONVERTEDThe Pro-Life Action League invites you to join us one month from today, September 22, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Rosemont, Illinois for our conference, CONVERTED: From Abortion Provider to Pro-Life Activist.

You will hear from seven powerful speakers — people who once were convinced that they were providing a legitimate “service” to women and to society as they offered their patients abortion or in-vitro fertilization. All of them have since had profound conversion experiences that have led them to become outspoken pro-life advocates:

  • Abby Johnson—Former Planned Parenthood director
  • Dr. John Bruchalski—Former abortionist
  • Catherine Adair—Former Planned Parenthood counselor
  • Ruth Yorston—Former abortion clinic employee
  • Linda Couri—Former Planned Parenthood counselor
  • Sue Thayer—Former Planned Parenthood manager
  • Dr. Anthony Caruso—Former IVF practitioner

Registration for the “CONVERTED” conference is now open. If you register before September 13, the cost for this all-day conference is only $50!

The conference flyer is available here [PDF].

You don’t want to miss this much anticipated conference!

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