“I Love Abortion and All the Good It Does”

A contributor at The Abortioneers writes today:

I love abortion and all the good it does in this world. I have seen a 26 week abortion and handed the physician the instruments and did not think twice or have any feelings of sadness or disgust or ambivalence.

I am an ethical vegan. I am proud of the fact that I am intentional about every single food or drink that enters my body. I aim to respect animals in every way possible and that starts with what is on my plate and how I engage with food. I am healthier and happier not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually, and I know this is because I am vegan.

The next time you hear the objection, “No one is pro-abortion!” simply refer your objector to the first paragraph quoted above.

It is, of course, barking mad to simultaneously hold that (human) abortion is A-OK and that eating animals — or even animal products — is anathema. But we dare not simply dismiss this way of thinking on the grounds that it’s too far “out there” to be of any consequence.

I suspect that when Wesley Smith wrote A Rat Is a Pig Is a Dog Is a Boy, many people thought he was merely playing the role of a panic-mongering alarmist.  Therein, he writes about the dangerous rise of the animal rights/animal liberation movement — which is vastly different from the advocacy of animal welfare, a crucial distinction which Smith briefly explains here — and its denial of human exceptionalism; i.e., the belief that human beings have special status in nature based on their unique capacities.

And yet as he demonstrates in his book and in his regular columns at First Things, the aforementioned Abortioneer is hardly alone in her thinking.

Read her post in its entirety. And then pray for her.

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