Liberal Commentator Sees the Horror of Planned Parenthood’s Sex Trafficking Cover Up

Wendy Murphy

Child Advocate Wendy Murphy

With the cold reception Live Action‘s recent videos have gotten in the liberal press, it was a breath of fresh air to see this video from Fox News featuring Laura Ingraham interviewing child advocate and former child-abuse and sex crimes prosecutor Wendy Murphy.

Murphy, a vocal pro-choice liberal, at least sees how horrific it is for Planned Parenthood to turn a blind eye towards the evils of prostitution and human trafficking in order to protect abortion rights and their bottom line. Her outrage and unwillingness to put her support for NOW and Planned Parenthood above the rights of the vulnerable was truly refreshing.

Read past the break for video of the interview!

Here’s one of the tastiest quotes from Wendy:

Look, I’m pro-choice, but I’m disgusted when the voice on behalf of women as a class and children as a class is not heard on these issues because they’re so worried about abortion rights and Planned Parenthood and whatever the politics and ideology is behind that they would put the interests of children, of trafficked children, aside and go into this silence mode.

I’d like to hear from NOW, I’d like to hear from any organization that claims to give a damn about women, and women’s freedom, and women’s safety, and rape and targeted violence against women and children.

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