Planned Parenthood Lies About the Law to Break Up Family

Planned Parenthood in Kennewick, WAAs Congress carries on their heroic attempt to defund Planned Parenthood in the wake of Live Action’s recent video releases, a new story surfaces from 2008 of Planned Parenthood lying about the law to police in order to keep a father from his daughter.

According to police reports, an unnamed 14 year old girl had come to Planned Parenthood in Kennewick, Washington (pictured right) accompanied by her father and her sister.

Here, the details get a little murky from there, even in the police report, but these are the salient facts.

The girl was 22 weeks pregnant and had been impregnated by her boyfriend who was 20 years old. This makes the situation a case of statutory rape, and it enraged the father.

While the girl was in the exam room, she told Planned Parenthood employees she was scared of her father’s reaction to the pregnancy, so they attempted to make the father leave, even going so far as to call police to have him removed.

When a police officer arrived and was apprised of the situation, he asked Planned Parenthood employees why the girl was not being released to her father, since she was a minor.

When Planned Parenthood Doesn’t Get Their Way, They Lie

This is where things get weird. Planned Parenthood employees claimed, on the word of the “legal staff of Planned Parenthood,” that because the girl was pregnant, she was legally emancipated and her father had no right to take her home.

After talking with the City Attorney, the officer realized that what Planned Parenthood told him was not even close to the actual law and that, in fact, if Planned Parenthood failed to release the girl to her father, they would be guilty of, and should be prosecuted for, Custodial Interference.

Planned Parenthood employees still hemmed and hawed, claiming that the girl’s father would kill her if released into his custody, but when police spoke to the girl, they found that he had no history of violence.

In the end, she was released to her father and went home. We don’t know if she had the abortion or not, but either way, the story makes clear how eager Planned Parenthood is to interfere with family relationships. Personal sexual freedom is their highest priority, and they will do anything, including twisting the law and driving wedges between parents and children, to protect it.

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