Fetal Development Makes Top Mathematician Proclaim, “Divinity!”

My wife, Erin, who is herself pregnant with our fourth child, pointed me to this amazing talk given by scientist, mathematician, artist, journalist, photographer and all-around Renaissance Man Alexander Tsiaras. In the video, Tsiaras presents a unique glimpse into development of the human body.

Tsiaras, among many other projects in his fascinating life, has developed special lenses and computer programs to give us an inside and up close look at human life as it develops from conception all the way to birth. Check out the video for the stunning detail of the process.

One of the most interesting aspects of the video is Tsiaras’ remarkable admission that how this process occurs, over and over again with very few mistakes, is simply beyond the reach of human understanding. In the video he says:

The magic of the mechanisms inside each genetic structure saying exactly where that nerve cell should go. The complexity of these, the mathematical models of how these things are indeed done are beyond human comprehension.

Even though I am a mathematician, I look at this with a marvel of how do these instructions sets not make these mistakes as they build what is us? It’s a mystery, it’s magic, it’s divinity.

This stands in stark contrast to the views of the abortion movement on pregnancy and developing human life. A recent post on the repugnant Abortioneers blog featured an interview with abortion guru Linda Weber, author of Life Choices: The Teachings of Abortion who had this to say:

From Nature’s point of view, pregnancy is quite unremarkable and ordinary. It occurs in spite of and beyond anyone’s idea of it or feelings about it. It is arbitrary and almost careless in its placement and in its outcome.

I’ll take Tsaisas’ word for it, what with him being an actual scientist.

Abortion Destroys the Divine Gift of Life

This miracle, this incomprehensible gift of the Divine, is what is destroyed with each and every abortion. This is plain enough to anyone without an agenda, and it takes some justifying. That’s exactly what’s happening with the rhetoric of Weber and other abortion proponents.

The child in the womb is reduced to a clump of cells, an unconscious lump with the worth of fingernail clippings, a hostile invader and other linguistic tricks to make it seem like anything other than a gift of a consciousness far beyond our own.

I loved how Tsiaras described the tropoblast, one of the earliest forms the newly conceived child takes, burrowing into the uterus and saying, “I’m here to stay!” Then “starting a conversation” with the mother’s body, re-routing hormones and putting immune system protections in place.

This sort of language flies in the face of the reductionist view the abortion movement takes of the unborn child. The inconvenient truth is that clumps of cells don’t have “conversations”. But clearly someone is speaking in the growth of the unborn child.

Language of God in Mankind No Surprise to Theists

Tsiaras speaks of all manner of different languages used in the development of the child in the womb. Of command lines and instruction sets and mathematical models ordering each step of the process.

This is, of course, how anyone who believes in God sees the world. At its very foundations is the Word of God; God’s literal commands that He wrote into our DNA make us live and move and grow. It is inspiring to see how true this is from the very first moment of conception.

And, to a certain extent, it makes sense that those who don’t believe in the God who wrote all those lines of code, who think humanity is an accident, if not a blight on the earth, would think of human life in general, and the child in the womb particularly, as a disposable thing of little value.

I don’t know what Tsiaras’ religious background or viewpoint is so I won’t put words in his mouth about what he means by “divinity”, but I would challenge anyone to watch this video and not see the fingerprints of the God all over the place: guiding, protecting and masterminding this mind-blowing work.

Perhaps once our society begins to see the Image of God on the child in the womb, we will begin to respect it for what it is once more and protect it from the first second of its life.

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