League Kicks off 12th Annual “Face the Truth” Tour Friday, July 8

Face the Truth Tour at Chicago's Daley PlazaThis Friday, July 8, marks the start of the Pro-Life Action League’s 12th annual “Face the Truth” Tour across northeastern Illinois.

Since 2000, the League has conducted a 10 day tour covering a huge swath of territory across the state of Illinois. At each stop, League staff and volunteers line a busy intersection with graphic pictures of abortion to show the public the truth about this deadly procedure. Get the full Tour itinerary here and don’t miss the League’s new 2 minute video explaining the Face the Truth concept and answering some common objections.

Face the Truth Cuts Through the Abortion Industry’s Lies

Though controversial, this pro-life tactic has proven itself indispensable in the fight against abortion. The lies and equivocations of the pro-choice movement have blurred the public’s vision when it comes to abortion.

Many truly believe that what’s being aborted is merely a clump of cells or a blob of tissue. It is incredibly common for Face the Truth participants to hear passersby saying things like, “That’s what an abortion is?”

Face the Truth Saves Babies

Not only does Face the Truth change hearts and minds, it saves lives. On last year’s tour a man stopped to thank the League for putting on the Tour and told the story of how he and his wife turned away from their abortion after seeing graphic abortion signs on the way into the clinic. Women have stopped and told the League that they had abortions scheduled but could no longer go through with them because of seeing the truth about their baby in the picture.

Join the tour if you are in the area, and please spread the word to your pro-life friends in the area. And even if you can’t join in yourself, please hold up the Tour in your prayers.

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