Thoughts on the March

This past Monday, I took part in my second ever March for Life. While my school, Franciscan University of Steubenville, took seven busloads of students down to D.C., I decided to drive down with four of my close friends. As expected, D.C. was teeming with Pro-Lifers. I split up with my friends to meet up with my brother who had traveled with his youth group from Chicago. I never made it back to my original group, as I was caught up in the sea of peaceful protesters. And while I was separated from my friends, I got to better take in the atmosphere around me. The environment was a complete melting pot, from Catholics praying the rosary, to groups like ‘Lutherans for Life’ and ‘Pro-Life Rabbis’. There were the elderly, along with enthusiastic teens chanting and cheering. There were not only Catholic universities, but many banners representing the pro-life and Newman center groups from state colleges. There were families with small children, and post-abortive women with their ‘I regret my abortion’ signs. The number of those in attendance was reported from 250,000 to 400,000, although much of the national media ignored the March. Obviously the March itself, along with the rally, is incredibly inspirational. But I was really hit when we stopped at the rest stops on the way back to Steubenville. At every stop, there were adult chaperones and teens in their pro-life shirts. It was so inspiring seeing all the teens and college students making 5, 12 or 14 hour bus rides into the night, missing classes, and functioning on low sleep just to make it to Washington D.C. to represent the unborn. And everyone is so happy about it! While the pro-life movement is based on facts, not emotions, there was still an overwhelming sense of community that made me feel excited to be part of this movement. Because the pro-life movement is not outdated or dying out. It is taking over our generation.

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