Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month

While doing some research on another website about comprehensive versus abstinence only sex education, I learned that May is Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month. While that particular website’s take on the event is by promoting the use of birth control in its various forms, I have another proposition. How about all unmarried teens abstain for the entire month of May? I am willing to bet, by doing so, not one teen will get pregnant. And I’m further willing to bet that your life won’t fall apart like you might imagine. Yes, maybe it might end the relationship you currently have with your girlfriend or boyfriend. But if physical affection is the glue that holds your relationship together, don’t you think maybe, just maybe, it’s better to unglue it? It would certainly seem that if, without sex, a couple has nothing in common, that the relationship might not be built on the healthiest of foundations. Further, if you feel like you love your boyfriend or girlfriend, but know they won’t stay with you if you cut off a sexual relationship, it’s a definite sign that they don’t actually love you, but are rather just using you for their pleasure. Who likes to get used? Stand up for your dignity, and stop the relationship. A further argument usually is that it is “okay” I’m having sex with my boyfriend or girlfriend because I really love them. If indeed it was true love, you wouldn’t run the risk of STD’s, or serious heartbreak, or crisis pregnancy for your significant other. True love is self-sacrificing. Look objectively at what is best for the one you love – and what is best for you too – and make decision based on that. If indeed the love you feel is true and deep, it will last without a physical relationship before marriage. I promise. So this is my call for an increase of abstinence awareness this month of May. Let’s turn Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month to Teen Chastity Awareness Month! And of course, it can extend beyond teens to all unmarried people. And, of course further, chastity should extend beyond just the month of May. Live the message of chastity, and share it with others. Your future spouse will thank you for it! God bless!

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