Susan G. Komen Still Referring Women to Planned Parenthood for Mammograms

komenOn March 30, an investigation by Live Action revealed that contrary to claims made by Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards, the nation’s largest abortion chain does not, in fact, perform mammograms. And yet, several weeks later, Susan G. Komen for the Cure — the King Kong of breast cancer awareness organizations — is still referring mammogram-seeking women to PP.

Komen Statement Admits PP Does Not Provide Mammograms

After Live Action’s investigation was released, pro-lifers began contacting Komen to ask them why they’re continuing to give money to the nation’s largest abortion chain. In response, Komen issued this statement [PDF] on its website, which begins: komen_statement_v2 In other words, Komen is saying that when it gives money to Planned Parenthood, all PP does is play the role of the middleman. Which, of course, begs prompts the question: Why doesn’t Komen just eliminate the middleman and give the money directly to the local providers? Note also the emphasis on the “limited number” of their regional affiliates (19 out of 127) that award these local grants to Planned Parenthood. It’s as if Komen is giving the impression that it’s only in certain localities that there exists a relationship between itself and PP. In any case, Komen’s statement implicitly acknowledges that Planned Parenthood doesn’t actually provide mammograms itself. But what if you contact Komen and ask them directly if Planned Parenthood provides mammograms—what do they say then? That’s what I did a few days after they issued their statement: komen_2_vgfl Here’s Komen’s response: komen_response_vgfl

Komen and Planned Parenthood: BFFs

It’s been well known for years that Komen refuses to acknowledge even the mere possibility of a link between abortion and breast cancer. Jill Stanek also revealed last year that Eric Brinker — the son of Komen’s founder — is in a joint business venture with Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest. All of these factors taken together give the lie to Komen’s claim that their relationship with PP is restricted to a “limited” number of local affiliates. On the contrary, Susan G. Komen for the Cure and Planned Parenthood are thick as thieves. [Cross-posted at Pro-Life Action League] UPDATE, 6/27/11: Check out other popular pro-life blog posts from June 2011 at Life Report’s Pro-Life Link Party here.

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