Let’s Hijack NARAL’s Survey of Their Supporters

NARAL Survey (detail)This morning I was forwarded an e-mail message from Nancy Keenan, the executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice America, requesting supporters to fill out a survey on NARAL’s “fight to protect choice.”

Being fairly technically savvy, I recognized that the link to this survey—on the Survey Monkey site—is actually accessible to anyone. Here it is.

It’s not a terribly exciting survey. They want to know things like whether their supporters care more about access to birth control or electing pro-choice politicians, and even more mundane matters like whether Facebook or e-mail is a better way to stay in touch.

Still, after last week’s pro-life hijack of NARAL’s “Put a Face on Choice” photo campaign—which was scuttled by pro-lifers who flooded their Flickr page with pro-life images—I thought we might want to cause further confusion to the enemy by offering our own responses to the survey.

Clearly getting this feedback from supporters is important to them. But when they realize pro-lifers have taken over the survey, it will be rendered completely useless for them.

Some Tips for Taking NARAL’s Survey

  • Here again is the link to the survey.
  • Several questions include an “other” option that you can fill out with your own suggestions—like “Stop abortion now!”—that will show them they can’t rely on the survey results.
  • Consider writing in responses that don’t clearly stand out as pro-life, but will confuse or baffle them.
  • Do the survey at least once without adding anything pro-life to it, so they won’t be able to separate your responses from their supporters’.
  • To take the survey more than once, you’ll either have to use a different browser, or clear out your cookies.

Pass the word to all your pro-life friends. I wouldn’t be surprised to see NARAL take down the survey, just like they shut down the “Put a Face on Choice” campaign last week.

Meanwhile, have fun with it!

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