Stand Vigil

I have often driven by the abortion clinic nearby my home and seen courageous people out there praying. Though I had joined them occasionally in years past, it is only recently I have begun going regularly. It is a difficult thing, standing there, knowing what is going on inside. A baby is being killed and their mother’s, father’s, grandparents’, and siblings’ lives are being altered forever. Yet it is a spiritual battle that needs to be fought, and for more than one reason. First, it is a public witness to the pro-life cause, one that is vital. It witnesses to the shift in the culture towards life. But it also brings the issue of abortion into the public eye, causing people who might not otherwise, to think about abortion and its consequences. Second, it lends support to the women who come there intending to have an abortion. Hopefully, as a result of this support and prayer, they may change their minds and make the courageous decision to choose life for their child. Finally, and perhaps forgotten, it is so important to stand vigil outside the abortion clinics for those who die within. This child, murdered in the womb, may not have any mourners – or at least not for many years – and in respect to the human dignity they possess and the life, so fragile and innocent, which is being taken from them so tragically, we must stand vigil. Yet, because of other commitments or duties, such as school or family or work, we may not all be able to physically stand vigil there. While a physical presence is important, it is not the call for everyone. Spiritual support is literally just as effective and important. Offer your Masses, rosaries, and other prayers for life. Offer up, as a sacrifice, the difficulties or trials of your day. Pray to your guardian angel, and send them to the abortion clinic to pray. There are countless ways to support life spiritually. For those who can make a sacrifice of time to physically stand vigil, though, God bless you! It is a difficult and important task. For those who never have, yet have some extra time, this is an awesome time to begin! Check out the 40 Days for Life for ways to get started. Though it is only going on for another week, it is a great way to learn more about this mission, and to connect with other pro-life people who pray outside abortion clinics. Lastly, do not be afraid to make a sacrifice of your time for this great work. The Lord is so good, and He who multiplied the loaves and the fishes to feed 5,000 men will certainly come to your aid, making sure that nothing in your life suffers because of this. He is so good, and loves those who work for the defense of His little children. God bless!

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