Governor Pat Quinn: A Catholic Sellout

IL Governor Pat Quinn 

Pro-abortion IL Governor Pat Quinn

Following the League’s protest of Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn at Personal PAC’s luncheon November 17 at the Chicago Hilton and Towers, our longtime friend Jim Finnegan — who was part of our protest that day &mdadsh; read a Chicago Sun-Times story that explained what had gone on inside.

The article so inflamed Finnegan that he wrote in high dudgeon a rebuttal to the Sun-Times:

Disturbing to read the remarks from Personal Pac Executive Terry Cosgrove to Gov. Quinn at the event at the Hilton Towers. You can safely say “it got my Irish up.”

Cosgrove was just getting warmed up when he yelled down to Quinn, “Governor, I think that’s the Irish Catholic in us, isn’t it?”

That’s as disgusting as it gets. Both of these lightweights are total sellouts to their ancestral and faith beliefs.

Canon laws 1398 and 1329 of our Catholic Church clearly state that those who by their assistance allow abortions are automatically excommunicated from the Church that both Quinn and Cosgrove membership within.

I must admit, as I was one of the 61 standing in the cold in front of the Hilton Towers, I thought that without a sincere confession from both of these so called “Irishmen,” the cold might be the least of their worries when their earthly journey is over.

Jim’s letter to the editor was the lead in Sunday’s Sun-Times letters page, under the headline, “Gov. Quinn’s a Catholic sellout.”  He signed his letter, James Patrick McManus Finnegan.  How Irish can you get!

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