Look Who’s Not Talking about the Closing of Rockford’s Abortuary

Sign at NIWC

Sign posted by NIWC landlord Wayne Webster before its license was suspended Sept. 30 [Photo via Pro-Life Corner]

At a hearing this week, an administrative law judge ruled that one of the most bizarre, macabre abortion facilities in the country—Northern Illinois Women’s Center (NIWC), in Rockford—will remain closed until at least January 4.

NIWC had its license suspended and has been closed since September 30, after an inspection by the Department of Public Health earlier this year “found conditions that are directly threatening to the public health, safety and welfare requiring immediate, emergency action,” which the facility failed to correct by the time of a follow-up inspection conducted on September 15.

Thus, as of now, NIWC has been closed for two months, and it will be at least one more month until it’s allowed to reopen—if it’s allowed to reopen at all.

For obvious reasons, pro-life news outlets and bloggers have been closely following the NIWC saga. But take note of who is not talking about it:


That’s interesting, because NIWC is the only abortion facility in Rockford. In fact, the next closest abortion facility is in Madison, Wisconsin—some 70 miles away.

For all the fuss pro-aborts make about the need for women to have “abortion access“, one might imagine there would be no small amount of wailing and gnashing of teeth now that NIWC’s closing has turned north central Illinois into an abortion desert.

So what do the leading “pro-choice” blogs have to say in NIWC’s defense?

Not much.

RH Reality Check has had but a single post on NIWC, two weeks ago, following a previous hearing November 14 that determined it would remain closed.

But Abortion Gang, The Abortioneers, Feministe, and Feministing haven’t said boo about NIWC.

Recall that in recent years, this is a place that has had window displays that have included a rubber chicken attached to a Crucifix and a blasphemous poster showing Jesus giving the middle finger, along with the inscription “Even Jesus Hates You.”

Without a doubt, the reluctance of the “pro-choice” grassroots to say much, if anything, about the closing of Rockford’s abortion facility is very telling.  Not only are they not willing to step up and show their “solidarity” with NIWC, but they’re also not willing to publicly dismiss it as some sort of anomaly, either—which, in light of numerous other abortionists and abortion facilities across the country that have recently shown themselves to be particularly appalling,would be rather impossible.

On the contrary, the place is such a train wreck that even hard-core supporters of legal abortion want to pretend it doesn’t exist.

HT: Pro-Life Corner

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