Pro-Life Teens to Planned Parenthood: You’re Not Welcome Here

Pro-life teens protesting in front of Planned Parenthood booth at Street Fair in Dixon, CA [Photo via Live Action]The youth group from St. Peter’s Catholic Church in Dixon, California deserves a hand for standing up — literally — to Planned Parenthood when the abortion giant tried to make inroads in their community by setting up a harmless looking booth at the town’s street fair this weekend. When the church’s youth minister, John Johnson, found out the booth, he immediately sent out text and Facebook messages to everyone in the church’s youth with a simple invitation:

Meet in 10 minutes at street fair to protest Planned Parenthood.

Within minutes, seven members showed up and began praying on the sidewalk in front of their booth, and taped signs to their shirts making it clear that abortion is what Planned Parenthood is all about. Planned Parenthood’s pink-shirted staffers, of course, weren’t happy. They went to the police and claimed they were being harassed, but the police recognized that these pro-life teens had every right to exercise their First Amendment rights in front of Planned Parenthood’s booth if that’s where they wanted to be. After an hour, the group of 7 had grown to 25 as others spontaneously began to join them in prayer. Flustered, Planned Parenthood’s staffers packed up their things — long before any other booth at the fair — and left. Johnson concludes with this:

The fairs organizer apologized for Planned Parenthood’s presence and told us that they would not be back. And I doubt they will ever try to open a clinic in our town. Prayer and the witness of the town’s youth had won the day. But what would have been if we all stayed home?

Read his full report on Live Action’s blog. To the St. Peter’s Church youth group: may God bless you for your courage!

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