Pro-Life Flash Mob Upstages Chicago “Walk for Choice”

In response to the “Walk for Choice” in Chicago sponsored Saturday by the Illinois Choice Action Team, over 200 members and friends of the Crusaders for Life teen pro-life club — many of whom belong to St. John Cantius Parish in Chicago — organized a Pro-Life Flash Mob in Daley Plaza to counter the event. They then followed the same route as the pro-choicers, but on the opposite side of the street:

God bless ’em! While they had a little help from the club’s adult moderators, much of the planning and execution of this flash mob was carried out by the club members themselves, on their own initiative. It’s for reasons like this that I’ve often said, and will continue to say, that young people are not the future of the pro-life movement, they are the here and now of the pro-life movement.

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