League to Protest Planned Parenthood’s “Happy Families” Gala

Planned Parenthood Lies to You signPlanned Parenthood has been trying to clean up their image because of all the dirt Live Action and other groups have been digging up on them lately.

They know the unsavory reality of the way they do business is coming to light, and they know it’s hurting the way the public perceives them.

That’s why they’ve been running a series of ads trumpeting their supposed support for families in a series of radio ads across Chicagoland, and that’s why they’re having their “Generations Gala: A Celebration of Healthy Families” fundraiser at the Chicago History Museum this Thursday, May 5.

You read that right: Planned Parenthood, the nation’s #1 abortion chain is holding an event claiming they support “healthy families.”

Well the League is not going to let them get away with that. Holding galas and trying to buy a clean image with radio ads does not erase the over 300,000 babies Planned Parenthood kills every year.

Join the League in protesting this insidious event and showing the truth about Planned Parenthood. There are three ways you can help:

  1. Join the protest! If you’re in the Chicago area, come down to the Chicago History Museum at 1601 N. Clark (map) at 4:45 p.m. on Thursday, May 5 to be a part of the protest effort on the ground.
  2. Spread the word! Tell all your pro-life friends and family about this event so they can help make it a success. You can use our Facebook event to spread the word too.
  3. Support the protest in prayer! Wherever you are, you can support this crucial protest effort by remembering it in prayers, especially at 4:45 p.m. central time when the protest will be going on.

After years of pro-life activism, I can tell you it’s spiritual warfare whenever abortion is opposed. Support in prayer from pro-lifers across the country is integral to the success of any protest, especially when you’re going toe to toe with Planned Parenthood, the Goliath of the abortion industry.

This fight against Planned Parenthood needs every pro-lifer in the country on board. Please join in however you can to make this effort to expose the true face of Planned Parenthood’s work to the public a success.

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