Internet Confession Reveals Humanity’s Pro-Life Instincts

Post Secret 

Postcard sent to PostSecret.com [Click for larger version]

A post on the website PostSecret.com recently caught my attention. The concept of the site is simple: readers mail in postcards with their secrets and they are posted anonymously for all the world to see.

The very existence of the site points out the deep-seated human need to confess our sins and, not surprisingly, the secrets on the site occasionally deal with abortion.

I can’t recommend visiting the site as many of the secrets currently posted are a little too explicit, but I thought this one was worth sharing. You can see the secret in question to the right.

The text reads:

If you were pregnant when we broke up, I hope you kept the baby. Although I am pro-choice, I would rather have a living baby that hates me (and could ruin me now) than to have a dead child.

Accurate Language Puts the Lie to “Choice”

How revealing that the author of the postcard used the words “dead child”! One of the most common refrains of our pro-abortion opponents is that abortion does not kill a child. They say our insistence on calling abortion what it is—the murder of a human child in its mother’s womb—is dangerous and inflammatory rhetoric.

In fact, the pro-abortion side must maintain that the child in the womb is not really a child or their facade of “choice” would crumble.

But here, from the mouth of a pro-choice man, we hear the plain truth that everyone knows deep down: abortion takes the life of a human child.

Choice of Picture Speaks Volumes

The picture on the card is a textbook-style image of a barbaric and currently illegal “partial-birth” abortion. Even though it’s a drawing, I’ve always found it one of the most poignant abortion images. Something about the baby’s limp body sends chills down my spine every time I see it.

Choosing that picture makes it clear that, political positions aside, this man understands what abortion is. That child is by no means a blob of tissue, and that child in the picture having its brains sucked out could have been his child.

The Consequences of Parenthood are Preferable to Guilt of Abortion

Clearly the man has thought a lot about this child who may or may not have lived. He refers to the child who “. . . could ruin me now.” It could be that the child was conceived out of wedlock and would reveal infidelity, or he could simply be referring to the financial cost of raising a child. Either way the child has been weighing on his mind.

Even as he considers the potential to have his life “ruined” by this child’s life, he knows that the child could bring him no challenge or trial that would make it worth a lifetime of guilt for having killed your child for your own convenience.

This postcard reveals that deep down, we all know what’s happening when an abortion takes place. It takes all the effort and artifice the human mind can conjure to keep believing the “pro-choice” lie.

UPDATE, 11/14/11: Check out other pro-life blog posts on the topic of how abortion affects men at Life Report’s Pro-Life Link Party here.

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