Abortuary’s License Suspension Long Overdue

Sign at NIWC 

Sign posted by NIWC landlord Wayne Webster before its license was suspended Sept. 30 [Photo via Pro-Life Corner]

One of the most bizarre, macabre abortion facilities in the country—Northern Illinois Women’s Center, in Rockford—has had its license indefinitely suspended by the State of Illinois.

According to a notice issued September 29 by the state’s Department of Public Health, an inspection conducted at NIWC June 6 through 8 “found conditions that are directly threatening to the public health, safety and welfare requiring immediate, emergency action.”

Although the facility was permitted to remain open while it received a plan of correction, a follow-up inspection conducted on September 15 found that the NIWC failed to clean up its act:

  • The facility did not ensure the presence of a registered nurse in the operating room during all invasive and operative procedures.
  • The facility did not ensure the presence of a registered nurse to direct and supervise the nursing personnel and the nursing care of patients.
  • The facility did not ensure that either of the two physicians on staff have and maintain surgical practice privileges with an Illinois-licensed hospital.
  • The facility did not have a written agreement with a laboratory that possesses a valid clinical laboratory improvement amendment certificate to perform any lab work that is not performed at the facility.

The notice also assessed a fine of $15,000 against NIWC.

It’s always greatly encouraging to hear that an abortuary has been closed—even temporarily—especially one as notorious as NIWC. But I was also encouraged to see that the stalwart group of Rockford pro-life activists that has maintained a regular prayer and sidewalk counseling presence outside the facility for years is not resting.

They’re still going to stand vigil outside it on Wednesdays and Fridays (the two days each week NIWC committed abortions), thanking God for its temporary closing, and praying that it remain closed permanently.

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