New Study: Children in the Womb Can Remember Music

QuicktakeA new study from Paris Descartes University tells us that babies can remember music they heard while they were developing in the womb! This is fascinating information and it cuts right at the heart of many pro-abortion arguments.

If the child in the womb can remember things that happened in the womb, that means there is a continuity of being between the developing child and the born child.

Pro-choice people so often argue that the child in the womb cannot be a human being worthy of human rights because it lacks many of the physical and mental qualities we associate with humanity. But now we see the child in the womb displaying the capacity for memory, one of the most fundamental human traits and, in fact, the very way we know that the child we were is the same being as the adult we are.

So next time someone asks you why the child in the womb should be protected from abortion, ask them if they can remember the tune of their favorite song. Then tell them the child in the womb can do the same thing.

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