Face the Truth Returns to NW Chicago Suburbs

Face the Truth Day in Hanover Park, ILIn unseasonably cold weather for late May, the Pro-Life Action League brought a “Face the Truth” day to the northwest Chicago suburbs of Hanover Park and Schaumburg.

There was a chill in the air and rain in the forecast as League staff and volunteers met on the corner of Irving Park and Barrington Roads in Hanover Park to display graphic photos of aborted babies along the major intersection.

Over a dozen dedicated activists turned out and showed passersby in all four directions pictures of baby Malachi, a baby aborted in the 2nd trimester.

Mixed Reaction in Hanover Park

Response to the display at the first site was generally very positive. One gentleman stopped on his way to work just to thank League Director Eric Scheidler for having the courage to show the public the true face of abortion. I was surprised with the number of thumbs up and other positive feedback I saw as I held a sign. Far more than a typical Face the Truth day.

Man yells at Face the Truth Day 

Eric Scheidler takes video of yelling man [Photo by Sam Scheidler]

One man stopped to yell at tour volunteers, calling them hypocrites for wanting to take healthcare away from women, likely a reference to recent efforts to defund Planned Parenthood, but it was clear he had no interest in dialogue.

When Eric started taking video for evidence and told the man he was going to call the police if he didn’t stop acting in a threatening manner, the man gave up his shouting campaign and drove away.

Another gentleman stopped and spoke with Tour volunteer and local resident Vince Jans at great length about abortion before stopping to make a donation to the League.

Surprising Hostility in Schaumburg

Face the Truth in Schaumburg 

Face the Truth day stop in Schaumburg, IL [Photo by Sam Scheidler]

All the good feeling in Hanover Park was counteracted with hostility on the next stop in Schaumburg, Illinois.

As soon as we began setting up our display on the busy corner of Golf and Roselle Roads, people were honking, yelling and making obscene gestures at Tour participants. Many even refused to acknowledge the right of way Tour volunteers had in crossing the street to set up the display, several times coming close to collisions.

One passerby making a right turn stayed put yelling profanity at a Tour participant long after she should have turned, eliciting a cacophony of honking from the cars behind her who simply wanted to make their turn.

But the Tour crew stayed stalwart through the chilly weather and the hostility and thousands of motorists saw the truth about abortion from the League’s display, and the rain finished before the first site began, so everyone stayed dry.

Thanks to all the faithful volunteers who joined the Truth Day, and be sure to check out the itinerary page for the dates and times of the 2011 “Face the Truth” Tour this July across northeast Illinois!

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