Let Us Not Forget to Pray

prayerWhat with Live Action’s last few exposés of Planned Parenthood degradation of young girls, the despicable and grisly murders of born babies by late term abortionist Kermit Gosnell, an actively pro-abortion President, our hard earned money being used to pay for abortions—well you get the idea.

“The times are out of joint,” as Hamlet said. So what can we do about it?

Jesus said that without Him we can do nothing. And something has to be done, and it has to be done through Him. So what we can all do, and must do, in these times, is pray.

St. Paul advised that “We must pray without ceasing.” St. Benedict’s motto is “Ora et Labora” — Pray and Work — and notice that Ora (Prayer) comes first. He wrote it that way.

St. Francis said to preach constantly and sometimes use words. And you can think of a thousand or more other calls to prayer on your own. But the point is that in order to ever get this society decent again and bring it back to some semblance of decency and right living we will have to spend much of our time praying in season and out of season — or things will just keep getting worse.

We attended a workshop once in Aspen, Colorado, where the big media hot shots did everything they could to make religion look foolish. They scornfully discounted and mocked all forms of religion, morals, and the “fiction” of right and wrong. And they promised to drag down their viewers and readers by getting them to drop any notion that some things are immoral.

Their plan was to make everyone his own god, with his own ten commandments based on his wishes and desires. Each person would invent his own standards and follow those, instead of adhering to some outdated commandments. In fact, they laughed at one of my questions, as to whether there was any point at which they would let morality be their guide.

This was to them a joke: What is morally? What is right or wrong? You make it up as you go along.

Unfortunately, what I thought at the time was just arrogance and ignorance, I now see as a plan in full bloom, and our society is suffering from a loss of a sense of right and wrong. The big shots were right. So we have some major problems on our hands and some of them can be eradicated only, as Our Lord told his apostles, by “prayer and fasting.”

A lady I have known and loved for years called me Friday, and asked if I would say a word or two about the need for prayers. I understand how concerned she is as she tries to live in this society of self-indulgence. I was glad for her concern, and I hope this is close to what she wanted. I had been thinking of making a call to prayer for some time, but it took a little push to get me to do it.

Thanks, Gertrude, for the shove.

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