Intern with Students for Life of Illinois

I just got an e-mail from my friend John-Paul Deddens at Students for Life of Illinois, who asked me to spread the word about this great opportunity:

Apply to be an SFLI Intern for the summer of 2011! You will build up the collegiate pro-life movement through research, media, video, activism and more! You will make a real impact on the direction of the pro-life movement in Illinois. Here’s what Lindsay had to say about her experience last summer: “My summer job? I witnessed two lives being saved. I blogged, created websites, designed fliers and t-shirts, gave speeches to pro-lifers, did side-walk counseling, and helped put together a leadership retreat from scratch. The best part? I didn’t know how to do any of those things when I started. What other job could give me this much opportunity to make an impact?” Duration: Summer (approximately 2 months) Requirements: Motivated, hardworking, pro-life college student. Compensation: Room and board at UIUC’s Newman Hall provided Get Application: Here [PDF] Send completed application questions, resume and cover letter to: Emily@ProLifeIllinois.com Website: ProLifeIllinois.com Deadline: Monday, April 4th 2011 Questions? Contact SFLI at 217.255.6675 or email Emily@ProLifeIllinois.com

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