Mass Failure of the Contraceptive Implanon

implanonComing on the heels of the news earlier this week about increased contraception use leading to increased abortion in Spain, another story has come out of the UK reporting that hundreds of women on the long-term contraceptive Implanon have become pregnant.

Many of these women have sued, and some have already received compensation from the National Health Service (England’s publicly funded healthcare system) for having been “traumatised by unexpectedly becoming pregnant.”

From Contraception Failure to Abortion to Post-Abortion Trauma

One woman mentioned in the article says that her “marriage collapsed and she suffered nightmares for months” after aborting the child she conceived whilst on Implanon.

This woman’s tragic experience is emblematic of why those in the “pro-choice” movement won’t touch this story with a ten-foot pole. Not only is an instance of mass contraceptive failure a punch in the gut to the strenuous pro-contraception message they always and everywhere put forth, but couple that with the fact that many of the women who were on it ended up pregnant, had abortions, and then suffered psychological trauma — which really throws a spanner in the works of their adamant denial of post-abortion aftermath.

Not to be deterred, it’s full steam ahead for Big Contraception: we also learned this week that the global contraceptives market is forecast to grow to $14.5 billion (that’s $14,500,000,000) by 2016.

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