One Less Abortion Clinic in America!

QuicktakeOne of the abortuaries owned by notorious Michigan abortionist Alberto Hodari has closed its doors! Hodari is notorious for his blatant disregard not only for the life of the unborn child, but for women’s safety as well as their privacy and the proper disposal of human remains.

From Monica Miller, President of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society:

Almost 30 years of prayers were answered on April 16 when two moving vans pulled up to the “WomanCare Downriver Medical Surgical Center” on Northline in Southgate. Everything in the building was loaded into the trucks. A sign was taped to the door stating that the office was closed, a woman locked the door and the two trucks drove away.

Standing on the sidewalk watching were some of the people who have been praying and offering help to women who came for abortions. The abortion practice was owned by Dr. Alberto Hodari. There has been a “For Sale” sign in front of the building since last fall. It too is gone now.

Those watching the move out proclaimed, “Thanks be to God!”

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