League Supports Ohio “Heartbeat Bill”

Ann and I will be traveling to Columbus, Ohio with our good friend Jill Stanek this Tuesday, September 20 to join the rally urging the state Senate to pass the state’s “Heartbeat Bill”.

The rally is being touted as “the most important pro-life rally of our time.” And it may well be, since its passage would, according to medical specialists, save 96 to 99% of unborn babies slated for abortion. The heart begins to beat as early as 18 days from conception and be detected on present monitors as early as 6 weeks.

House Bill 125 (the “Heartbeat Bill”) says that no abortion can be performed if the unborn baby has a detectable heartbeat, with the only exception being to prevent the death of the mother or irreversible impairment of a major bodily function. THe bill has enormous support in the state and needs only 17 votes to pass in the 33-member Senate. The House vote was 54-43.

Watching the bill closely are pro-life groups in at least 17 other states eager to introduce similar bills. Many see the bill as certain to be challenged by pro-abortion groups, but believe the courts may rule in favor of a bill that has medical science backing the biological fact that the detection of a heartbeat testifies that a human being is alive.

I will be speaking at the rally, along with Jill Stanek, Dr. Jack Willke, Wendy Wright, Troy Newman, and a host of other national and state pro-life leaders. Attendees are asked to wear red and sign a petition that will be delivered to all the state senators. Those attending the rally will also deliver red heart-shaped balloons to the senators following the rally.

Ohio pro-lifers are quick to point out that the Ohio state motto is, “With God, all things are possible.” They have taken that motto to heart in introducing one of the strongest bills ever introduced into a state assembly.

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